2018 Fall Undergraduate-level English-taught Course List (September 2018 to January 2019,updated on Sept.19th)



2018 Fall Undergraduate-level English-taught Course List (Sept.2018 to Jan.2019)

2018 Fall Undergraduate-level English-taught courses and Chinese elective courses(updated on Sept.19).xlsx  

2018 Fall Undergraduate-level English-taught Courses Syllabus.rar 


2018 FallUndergraduate-level English-taught & Chinese Taught Course List(Chinese Version)

2018 Fall Undergraduate-level English-taught & Chinese-taught Course List(Chinese Version).pdf  


The information in the above schedule is subject to change. It's only for course selection and the classrooms are not released yet. Please refer to the information in the course selection system after it's open.  

Course selection system: http://xk.fudan.edu.cn (Login with your Fudan student number which will be released at https://alhofmann.com/1619/list.htm in mid-June).

Password is the last six digits of passport number (replace letters with zero).  

Note:The course selection system shows both English-taught and Chinese-taught courses. Only courses in the above schedule are taught in English. Please follow the below instruction to do course selection.


Instruction for Course Selection.pdf


First Phase: course selection in own department/program                                    

[ADD&DROP from Jul.2,2018 1pm to Sept.3, 2018 10am Beijing Time]                   

Second Phase: all availabe course selection          

[ADD&DROP from Sept.10,2018 1pm to Sept.24, 2018 10am Beijing Time]               

Third Phase:Adding only, dropping is forbidden at this phase (Courses can't be dropped once it was successfully added).

[Add ONLY from Sept.22, 2018 10am to Sept.24, 2018 10am Beijing Time]          

Mid-term course dropping week: Drop courses with paying the dropping fee (RMB130yuan per credit)  

[Drop ONLY from Oct.31, 2018 10am to Nov.8, 2018 10am Beijing Time]  

Note: Course Selection System will be close and you can't login except the above phases. Please drop courses you don't want before Sept.21, 2018 17:00pm (Beijing Time). Otherwise you have to pay to drop during mid-term course dropping week.  

The time in the course selection only shows the slots. Please find the following time for each slot.


Slot         Time

01     08:00-08:45

02     08:55-09:40

03     09:55-10:40

04     10:50-11:35

05     11:45-12:30

06     13:30-14:15

07     14:25-15:10

08     15:25-16:10

09     16:20-17:05

10     17:15-18:00

11     18:30-19:15

12     19:25-20:10

13     20:20-21:05



Classroom Explanation:

H2 stands for Handan campus No.2 Teaching Building;                         

HGX stands for Handan campus Guanghua Towers West Wing;               

HGD stands for Handan campus Guanghua Towers East Wing;       

Z2 stands for Zhangjiang campus No.2 Teaching Building;  

JB stands for Jiangwan campus Teaching Building; 

HQ stands for Teaching Building in School of Journalism;     

F stands for Fenglin Campus.  

Last three digits of classroom stand for the room.                        

e.g. 506 stands for 5th floor room 06; 303 stands for 3th floor room 03